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    What's in the server?


    What's in the server? Empty What's in the server?

    Post  Thuron on Mon Oct 26, 2009 9:12 pm

    Here you can see all things you can do in the totally new 0.3 SIR server when it comes out:

    Earn money with different jobs and ways like:

    • Truck Job
    • CashBox
    • Taxi Job

    Other Abilities:

    • Buying and selling houses.
    • Ownership of Shops.

    What is also in the server:

    • DeathMatch Arena.
    • Stunt Arena.
    • Advanced Level System.
    • Economy System.
    • Special Edited Maps for a better and more fun Gameplay.
    • VIP system.
    • License System.
    • Creating and Joining gangs.
    • Very secure admin system.

    More info will come soon.

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